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Body image and healthy attitudes

By Maya Barnett | March 1, 2019

Can I Accept Myself a Little More? Body image and healthy attitudes   By: Lynn Mosby, LCSW The last week of February is designated as National Eating Disorders Week (February 25-March 3). This year’s theme is “Let’s Get Real” and hopes to expand our conversation about the realities of eating disorders and encouraging people to […]


JFS Celebrates 170 Years

By Maya Barnett | January 30, 2019

In the 1830s Richmond welcomed a new wave of German Jewish immigrants. By 1841, on the outskirts of Richmond, these new immigrants founded Beth Ahabah to continue their traditions from the old country, such as including German and English in worship. As the Richmond Jewish population continued to grow, encouraged by Rabbi Maximillian Michelbacher, the […]


Martha’s Story

By Maya Barnett | January 29, 2019

When an aging parent’s medical condition becomes more complicated, the family needs all types of support.  That is what happened to Martha F. when her 90+ year old seemingly healthy father had a fall. “I didn’t know anything about JFS until I had something horrible happen.  We didn’t realize how forgetful he had become and […]


Richmond Jewish Care Line: Help is One Phone Call Away

By Maya Barnett | January 9, 2019

Richmond’s Jewish Care Line, Responding with Care to those in Need. In 2017, all Richmond’s Jewish organizations, Rabbis, and Synagogues, and committed individuals came together to understand and respond to the number of Jewish individuals and families in crisis.  What they learned is that across the U.S., many Jewish families or individuals live in or […]


Ending One Year and Starting a New by Theresa Goff, LCSW

By Maya Barnett | December 27, 2018

Wow!  That was fast!  Yes, I say that every year.  So how did we do with our 2018 goals? Did anyone succeed in starting a positive new habit? How about initially making progress only to abandon efforts when it became too overwhelming?  Yeah, me too. Change can be hard, life can be fast and sometimes […]


Managing the ‘Holiday Blues’

By Maya Barnett | December 12, 2018

The holiday season is a time full of joy, cheer, parties, and family gatherings. For many it is also a time of self-evaluation, loneliness, and anxiety about the future. Struggling with negative feelings during the holidays is referred to as the ‘Holiday Blues.’ What are some of the causes of Holiday Blues? There as many […]