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JFS Celebrates Another Great Year!

By Becki Mann | June 23, 2015

The Annual Meeting is a time to celebrate the year’s successes at JFS. The 166th Annual Meeting was held at Luck Stone Corporation and celebrated many accomplishments: providing the highest quality services to our clients, new community collaborations, and successful events such as the Big Schtick and Draw Back the Curtain. JFS expects to end […]


Healthy ways for kids to handle stress

By Becki Mann | June 4, 2015

As  summer begins, many parents may heave a sigh at relief. During the school year children and teens are constantly busy with final exams, projects, sports championships and academic competitions. It is easy to see how it could quickly become overwhelming for anyone, especially a child. Parents are all too familiar with the moans, groans […]


JFS champions honored with Shamash award

By Becki Mann | May 20, 2015

  At this year’s 166th JFS Annual Meeting, Jerry and Ann Samford will be honored with the Shamash Award, one of the highest awards bestowed on those who are recognized leaders in the Richmond Jewish community as well as supporters of JFS. The Shamash is the candle in the menorah that serves and lights the […]


The Story Behind the Story: Draw Back the Curtain

By Becki Mann | May 4, 2015

  Draw Back the Curtain is a project that has taken a journey of its own, in preserving the history of the brave Jewish families who emigrated from the Former Soviet Union to Richmond in the 1990’s.  Jewish Family Services can think of no better way to celebrate Jewish-American Heritage month than with a screening […]


Tikkun Olam in practice at JFS!

By Becki Mann | April 16, 2015

JFS has a long history of compassionate individuals practicing “Tikkun Olam” (repairing the world), through their dedicated service to the Richmond community. The Ladies Benevolent Hebrew Association in 1849 was the first incarnation of JFS, and was made up of Jewish women dedicated to bettering their community through selfless acts of service.  The impact of […]


What is Public Guardianship?

By Becki Mann | April 2, 2015

Charlotte Bowen, BSW, is the JFS Public Guardianship coordinator. She graduated from VCU with a Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2005.  Prior to employment with JFS,  Charlotte spent three years working with adults with intellectual disabilities in residential facilities in the community, as well as working with adolescents at the Mayor’s Youth Academy Jr. summer […]