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Tikkun Olam in practice at JFS!

By Becki Mann | April 16, 2015

JFS has a long history of compassionate individuals practicing “Tikkun Olam” (repairing the world), through their dedicated service to the Richmond community. The Ladies Benevolent Hebrew Association in 1849 was the first incarnation of JFS, and was made up of Jewish women dedicated to bettering their community through selfless acts of service.  The impact of […]


What is Public Guardianship?

By Becki Mann | April 2, 2015

Charlotte Bowen, BSW, is the JFS Public Guardianship coordinator. She graduated from VCU with a Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2005.  Prior to employment with JFS,  Charlotte spent three years working with adults with intellectual disabilities in residential facilities in the community, as well as working with adolescents at the Mayor’s Youth Academy Jr. summer […]


A book list for adoptive families

By Becki Mann | March 12, 2015

For many families, helping your child understand what it means to be adopted can be challenging. Other parents are a great resource, but books are also a great tool for parents and kids.  Adoption books can be a means to help children understand adoption and process their emotions.  There are many age-appropriate books to assist children […]


Have an appetite for knowledge?

By Becki Mann | February 10, 2015

  JFS is excited for the debut of our new speaker series in partnership the Weinstein JCC, “Food for Thought.”  The series brings experts in aging, from a variety of professions and fields, together to share their unique advice and experience.  Food for Thought will ignite conversation and arm people with all the information to […]


You are not alone in this: Senior Isolation

By Becki Mann | January 29, 2015

  A Silent Threat: When thinking about the issues that negatively impact our aging population; many might first think of physical issues.  However, one of the most critical concerns facing older individuals is a simpler one: loneliness.  Some studies indicate that as many as 1 in 3 seniors report being chronically lonely. This can have […]


First…a little history!

By Becki Mann | January 2, 2015

Jewish Family Services has been a part of the Richmond community for so long, it’s almost impossible to imagine the city without its presence. 165 years, a span of several lifetimes in America’s history marked by several wars, technological expansion, and growing diversity. During this time Jewish Family Services has become an ingrained part of the […]