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Hands Held, Hearts Found

By Morgan Goad | December 22, 2020

JFS Connecting Hearts had a busy fall! Between the Virtual Bowling Ball awareness- and fundraiser and November’s “A Hand to Hold” media campaign, we have been busy sharing the stories of children in foster care and recruiting potential foster and adoptive families! JFS Connecting Hearts is humbled by the work of our sponsors, volunteers, donors, […]


Dr. Sydney Fleischer on Her Life & Legacy

By Morgan Goad | November 19, 2020

Dr. Sydney Fleischer has been a fixture at JFS for more than thirty years. “Everybody likes to call me the historian,” she said with a wry smile, but she is much more. Lately she’s been trying to pare down her files. Years of accreditation documents, grant applications, and JFS Annual Reports from the early 1900s […]


Breast Cancer and the Heroes Behind Pink Power

By Morgan Goad | November 2, 2020

Since last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is timely to focus on the amazing achievements in detecting and treating breast cancer. We have made remarkable breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatment options, and research initiatives for what was once considered an incurable disease. Until the 20th century, breast cancer remained a hidden disease among women […]


Why Should I Consider Joining a Support Group?

By Morgan Goad | October 1, 2020

There are quite of few of us that just don’t feel the drive to join anything, including support groups. Usually, these groups are scheduled at specific times and days of the month. People who are long time members become close knit, while new members can feel a bit out of the loop. So, some people […]


Tech Savvy in the Golden Years

By Morgan Goad | September 14, 2020

Today we are relying on technology more than ever before. Embracing technology is effortless for some people who maneuver software and cloud-based platforms seamlessly; however, older adults often find technology confusing and frustrating. It wasn’t until middle of the 90s that computers were introduced into schools and the internet exploded. Younger people that grew up […]


JFS Life & Legacy Committee Chair Scott Belleman on Life, Legacy, and JFS’ Future

By Morgan Goad | June 24, 2020

Before Scott Belleman was the Life & Legacy Committee Chair, he was a financial planner in an office across the parking lot from JFS. “I didn’t even know what JFS did,” he joked. Now retired, Scott keeps busy with the classic hobbies – golf, tennis, bridge – and a more unusual one: “I love deferred […]