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Shannon Carey, LCSW, Counselor JFS Richmond Jewish Family Services

Shannon Carey, LCSW, Counselor

Shannon has over seven years of experience and has worked with adolescents and dually-diagnosed adults, young parents and infants, children in foster care and adoption, and children and teens who have experienced trauma. Shannon was the Director of the Adoptions program at a large social service agency in California for over five years before moving to the East Coast.

Jessica Carty, LCSW, Counselor JFS Richmond Jewish Family Services

Jessica Carty, LCSW, Counselor

I work with clients to help them reach their parenting and family goals. In addition, I work with pregnant women as well as clients who have grief and loss issues surrounding infertility. I enjoy working with families, couples, and children, with a special focus on relationships. I facilitate a support group for licensed foster parents in a safe environment, which offers education, and a chance to meet and share ideas with other foster families.

Syreeta Chapman, LCSW, Counselor JFS Richmond Jewish Family Services

Syreeta Chapman, LCSW, Counselor

I work with children, adolescents and their families through interactive activities allowing them to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. I utilize play therapy techniques to communicate with children and their families, to prevent or resolve psychosocial challenges and to help them towards better social integration, growth and development. I am experienced in the areas of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), oppositional and defiant behavior, anger, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Olivia Faries, LCSW, Counselor JFS Richmond Virginia VA Jewish Family Services

Olivia Faries, LCSW, Counselor

Olivia Faries works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has extensive experience with children and families in adoption and foster care settings. She is an adoptive parent and an adult adoptee, and she incorporates this insight, along with training in attachment theory, family therapy, and the impact of childhood trauma into work with adults and adolescents. Before coming to Richmond, she provided clinical oversight to a federally funded program in Falls Church, Virginia, for survivors of torture, domestic violence, human trafficking, and other refugee and immigrant populations. Throughout the past 20 years she has advocated for and provided direct services to unaccompanied refugee and immigrant minors. Presently she enjoys providing mental health services to those experiencing depression, anxiety, or adjustment to life transitions.

Sydney Fleischer, JFS Jewish Family Services Richmond Virginia

Sydney Fleischer, Ph.D., LCSW, COO

As the Chief Operating Officer at JFS, my work is primarily program administration and development. I also provide limited consultations, assessments and counseling. I practice from a solution-focused perspective with people of all ages.

Ben Katz, LCSW, Counselor JFS Richmond Jewish Family Services

Ben Katz, LCSW, Counselor

I have an extensive history of working with individuals and their families across a broad array of settings.  I earned my BA from the University of Kansas before starting my career in mental health in Kansas City.  I then earned my MSW from the Smith College School for Social Work.  Having worked in programs ranging from outpatient and community based mental health to residential and inpatient facilities, my passion is for working with older adolescents and adults coping with the challenges of depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, and chronic illness.  

I work hard to meet individuals where they are at and support them on their road to a better sense of wellbeing.  My aim as a therapist is to aid people in reaching their own goals by focusing on the client/therapist relationship and creating a supportive environment to encourage growth and change.  My practice is grounded in a psychodynamic approach, in that I believe our past experiences inform who and how we are in the present. I like to integrate this approach with various evidence-based techniques to facilitate healing. 

Ellen Glass, LCSW, Counselor JFS Richmond Jewish Family Services

Ellen Glass, LCSW, Counselor

I work with individuals, couples and families, using a multi-theoretical approach, depending on the different types of personal difficulty and the uniqueness of each client and their situation. My focus is on the client-therapist relationship where I provide a safe environment of mutuality, respect, and acceptance. I assist clients in identifying and utilizing their strengths, and I believe each client has the ability to grow and reach his or her full potential.

Dr. Millicent McFadden, Psy.D, M.Ed, LCP, ATR, JFS Jewish Family Services Richmond Virginia

Dr. Millicent McFadden, Psy.D, M.Ed, LCP, ATR

Dr. Millicent McFadden has a passion for using a thoughtful, client-centered approach to help individuals and families of all ages deal with difficult life situations and adjust to unexpected life circumstances. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Registered Art Therapist, and has experience with children and family, older adults,  exploring multicultural  / diversity issues, and addressing women's issues. 

“Overall, I believe that our difficulties in life are an invitation to confront fears, challenges, and burdens. Life's difficult moments are the issues that give us pause in life or disrupt our peace. By coming to therapy, one has taken a courageous step to ask for help.  Therapy helps to address and explore a life obstacle. My role as a therapist is to be with individuals by offering support, encouragement, gentle challenging, and psychoeducation. Thus, therapy creates a safe space to unpack one's burdens and to create alternatives to dealing with issues."

Phyllis McCafferty LCSW, Senior Clinician JFS Richmond Jewish Family Services

Phyllis McCafferty, LCSW, Senior Clinician

I work with a diverse range of people, concerns, and issues. In particular I have specialized in working with persons with brain disorders/mental illnesses and with their family members helping to build affirming recovery programs. My goal is to use a therapeutic path that moves my client toward health and healing as quickly as possible. One underlying theme with all people is “to look for health and build on it.” I primarily work with adults, focusing on individual issues and couples/relationship issues. I also teach stress management workshops at JFS and for businesses.

Lynn O. Mosby, LCSW, Counselor JFS Richmond Virginia VA Jewish Family Services

Lynn O. Mosby, LCSW, Counselor

Lynn recently relocated from Annapolis, Maryland, and brings 26 years of experience in the field of mental health. The bulk of her work has been with children and families, including in foster care, adoption and protective services programs, and outpatient clinical settings. Areas of specialty include adolescents and children who are experiencing grief and loss through death, divorce, out of home placements, adoption losses and other challenges. She also has extensive experience with ADHD, executive functioning issues, and childhood anxiety disorders. A large part of her outpatient practice includes women's issues, particularly navigating life changes such as divorce, "empty nest" issues, career choices and aging. She values goal setting from clients, with her job being to "coach" them towards their desired changes.

Louise Thornton, LCSW., MA.Ed. Human Development JFS Richmond Jewish Family Services

Louise Thornton, LCSW., MA.Ed. Human Development

Louise is a seasoned clinician with 20 years of experience doing outpatient counseling in family services agencies and private practice. She sees children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. She has been trained in many different modalities to include Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems, Trauma based therapy, EMDR, and Hypnotherapy. Louise typically provides therapy to clients experiencing depression, anxiety, phobias, grief/loss, job stress, relationship issues, life transitions, current and past traumatic events, Attention Deficit Disorder, codependency and addictions when the client is already engaged in recovery.

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