About JFS

Serving the Richmond Community

Our Mission

We transform the lives of individuals and families and strengthen our community by providing the best options in care, counseling and adoption.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most trusted and compassionate resource in Richmond for innovative, quality services that empower people through every stage of life.

Our Values

  We maintain high ethical standards, treating our clients with respect, dignity and kindness.

  We value and appreciate the contributions of our staff, board, trustees, donors and partners.

  We strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.

  We practice the Jewish tradition, Tikkun Olam, striving to create a better world through dedicated service.

Our History

Established in 1849, JFS began as the Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Association. Today, we provide the highest quality, comprehensive services to everyone in the Greater Richmond area. Take a look at our timeline below to see how far we’ve come.

JFS Richmond Timeline

Rabbi Maximillian Michelbacher


Rabbi Maximillian Michelbacher inspires female congregants to form the Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Association to help those less fortunate.


Ladies of the LHBA tend to soldiers in the Civil War, often turning their own homes into hospitals to care for the wounded. After the war, the ladies cared for widows and orphans.

Zipporah Cohen


Led by President Zipporah Cohen from 1904 through 1937, the Ladies make in-home visits to assist families struggling with desertion, delinquent youth, elder infirmities, and tuberculosis.

1930s – 1940s

LHBA responds to the Great Depression with support for growing numbers of the sick and unemployed. The LHBA also works to find sponsors for Jews who are able to escape Nazi Germany.

JFS Adoption parents


JFS establishes its Adoption program and places its first baby in a loving home.

On the other end of the aging spectrum, JFS recognizes that the elderly population is increasing, and introduces services like HomeCare to serve them.


With a new name and a revised charter, LHBA becomes Jewish Family Services. It expands Family Counseling, allows men to join the Board of Directors, and hires its first professional social worker.

The JFS Rap Center for troubled youth


JFS opens the Rap Center in the Fan District to serve troubled and runaway youth. The Rap Center later becomes the Daily Planet, now an independent agency serving Richmond’s homeless population.

Russian immigrants sponsored by JFS


JFS helps to resettle a new wave of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.


Today’s JFS provides the highest quality, comprehensive services to children, teens, adults, couples, and the elderly.

Programs include Adoption, Counseling, Elderly Care Management, Personal Care, Guardianships, and Volunteers.

Board of Directors


Sandy Sisisky Board Photo

Sandy Sisisky

President • JFS Board

Community Volunteer

Martin Miller, JFS Jewish Family Services, Richmond Virginia

Martin Miller

1st Vice President • JFS Board


Sara Griebel, JFS Jewish Family Services, Richmond Virginia

Sara Griebel

2nd Vice President • JFS Board

Capital One

Rosemary Seltzer Secretary JFS Jewish Family Services Board Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services

Rosemary Seltzer

Secretary • JFS Board

Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services

Seon Rockwell

Seon Rockwell

Treasurer • JFS Board

Thought Logic Consulting

Board Members

Rabbi Martin Beifield, Retired, Congregation Beth Ahabah

Cindy Boswell, Retired, Altria

Ronald Felmus, SVP Sales

Ken Golden, Golden McNair Group

Retta Leigh Keil, Community Volunteer

Shay La Beaud, Elephant Insurance

Dr. Mike Mandel, Bon Secours

John Myers, Community Volunteer

Jessica Samet, Alzheimer’s Association

Tom Topinka, Community Volunteer

Cheri Yochelson, Dominion Energy, Inc.


Scott Belleman, Community Volunteer

Richard Birnbaum, V-Ten Capital Partners

Mike Eisenman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Benita Felmus, Community Volunteer

Neil Kessler, Troutman Sanders

Jerry Samford, Troutman Sanders


Directors & Supervisors

Wendy Kreuter, JFS Richmond CEO

Wendy Kreuter

Chief Executive Officer

Sydney Fleischer, JFS Jewish Family Services Richmond Virginia

Sydney Fleischer, Ph.D

Chief Operating Officer


Steve Parkins, JFS Jewish Family Services Richmond Virginia

Steve Parkins

Chief Financial Officer

Becki Mann Director of Philanthropy Jewish Family Services JFS Richmond Virginia VA

Becki Mann

Director of Philanthropy

Lisa Colegrove, Director of Care Services JFS Jewish Family Services Richmond Virginia

Lisa Colegrove, LCSW, C-ASWCM

Director of Care Support Services

Andrea Wharam Director of Home Care JFS Richmond Virginia VA Jewish Family Services

Andrea Wharam

Director of Home Care

Teresa Birchett, JFS Adoption Supervisor Jewish Family Services Richmond Virginia

Teresa Birchett, MSW

Adoption Supervisor


Denise Bell, Home Care Services Coordinator
(804) 282-5644, ext. 230
[email protected]

Charlotte Bowen, BSW, Public Guardianship Director
(804) 282-5644, ext. 245
[email protected]

Lisa Colegrove, LCSW, C-ASWCM, Director of Care Support Services
(804) 282-5644 ext. 254
[email protected]

Dana Conrad, Home Care Services Coordinator
(804) 282-5644 ext. 232
[email protected]

Kyle Davidson, Care Management Specialist
(804) 282-5644 ext. 259
[email protected]

Veronica Draffkorn, LMSW, Senior Care Manager
(804) 282-5644 ext. 271
[email protected]

Marie Foster, RN, Nursing Supervisor
(804) 282-5644 ext. 229
[email protected]

Magdalena Garcia, MSW, Care Manager
(804) 282-5644 ext. 278
[email protected]

Carrie Harris, Care Services Administrative Assistant
(804) 282-5644 ext. 221
[email protected]

Deborah Howard, RN, Nursing Supervisor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 229
[email protected]

Beverly Hynson, RN, Nursing Supervisor
(804) 282-5644 ext. 229
[email protected]

Vera Jones, RN, Director of Nursing
(804) 282-5644, ext. 227
[email protected]

Donna Sutton, LPN, Care Manager
(804) 282-5644 ext. 250
[email protected]

Jeanne Tyson, BS, CMC, Senior Care Manager
(804) 282-5644 ext. 269
[email protected]

Andrea Wharam, Home Care Director
(804) 282-5644 ext. 262
[email protected]


Shannon Carey, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 234
[email protected]

Jessica Carty, MSW, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 249
[email protected]

Syreeta Chapman, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644 ext. 234
[email protected]

Christine DeMaioribus, Counseling Office Manager
(804) 282-5644, ext. 239
[email protected]

Olivia Faries, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 234
[email protected]

Sydney Fleischer, Ph.D, LCSW, Chief Operating Officer
(804) 282-5644, ext. 235
[email protected]

Ellen Glass, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 224
[email protected]

Ben Katz, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 234
[email protected]

Melody Laughlin, Counseling Office Assistant
(804) 282-5644, ext. 234
[email protected]

Jennifer L. Matovich, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(804) 282-5644, ext. 234
[email protected]

Phyllis McCafferty, LCSW, Senior Clinician
(804) 282-5644, ext. 253
[email protected]

Millicent McFadden, PsyD, ATR, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(804) 282-5644, ext. 291
[email protected]

Lynn Mosby, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 234
[email protected]

Louise Thornton, LCSW, Counselor
(804) 282-5644, ext. 274
[email protected]


Teresa Birchett, MSW, Adoption Supervisor
(804) 282-5644 ext. 223
[email protected]

Jessica Carty, MSW, LCSW, Adoption Social Worker
(804) 282-5644 ext. 249
[email protected]

Kristie Locke, MSW, Adoption Social Worker
(804) 282-5644, ext. 249
[email protected]


Aimee Ardoin, Billing and Accounts Receivable Manager
(804) 282-5644 ext. 256
[email protected]

Maya Barnett, Development Coordinator
(804) 282-5644 ext. 231
[email protected]

Gianetta Borgio, Administrative Assistant
(804) 282-5644 ext. 222
[email protected]

Sydney Fleischer, Ph.D, LCSW, Chief Operating Officer
(804) 282-5644 ext. 235
[email protected]

Wendy Kreuter, Chief Executive Officer
(804) 282-5644 ext. 236
[email protected]

Becki Mann, Director of Philanthropy
(804) 282-5644 ext. 277
[email protected]

Steve Parkins, Chief Financial Officer
(804) 282-5644 ext. 238
[email protected]

Paula Porter, General Accountant
(804) 282-5644, ext. 240
[email protected]

Karen Roodman, Community Outreach Specialist
(804) 282-5644 ext. 225
[email protected]

Brian Strauss, MPA, Human Resources and Operations Supervisor
(804) 282-5644 ext. 265
[email protected]

Meg Whitehurst, Volunteer & Senior Engagement Associate
(804) 282-5644 ext. 244
[email protected]

Katy Yoffy, Accounts Payable Clerk
(804) 282-5644 ext. 240
[email protected]